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About Our Antelope, Sacramento CA Dental Practice

Dr. Michael Narodovich is passionate about helping his patients develop healthy smiles. Sacramento Dental Medicine provides patient-focused dental care in Antelope and all surrounding communities. Call us today to receive the quality care you desire. 

Three Core Values at Sacramento Dental Medicine

Dr. Narodovich emphasizes the core values every patient deserves to experience: compassion, integrity, and professionalism. Patients need to have their personal concerns understood, to be treated by a doctor whose interest in their care is genuine, and to be given full attention and respect from a practice’s staff. Dr. Narodovich believe patients deserve the same dental care he wants for himself. Patients are given honest answers and educated on services to make informed decisions on their dental care.


It is not uncommon for a dentist to only work during typical work hours four days a week, severely limiting patients' ability to see them. Patients who could have been given effective preventive care may not be seen in time for such treatments to work.

We believe in making dental care easier to obtain. Our Antelope, CA dental practice is open in the evenings as well as the mornings; we are open as late as 7 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Existing patients can be seen on Saturdays when appointments are scheduled ahead of time. This expanded availability at our practice helps us make sure you receive the care you need when you need it.

Working as a Group

Dentistry is a team effort. Every specialist, general dentist, and dental staff member at Sacramento Dental Medicine has something unique to offer to patients. Instead of burying these talents, our practice works as a team to emphasize our ability to serve patients.

Community Dentist in Antelope, CA

A quality dentist serves his community outside his practice, not just inside it.

Dr. Narodovich and his staff are involved in the Antelope community. We support our local sports teams and various charities benefiting our neighbors. We care about our city and we want to see all of our neighbors enjoy health and happiness.

Contact Sacramento Dental Medicine for Your Next Appointment

Sacramento Dental Medicine offers dental care in Antelope and puts patients first. For more information, or to schedule your next dental appointment, call our practice today.

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