Veneers and Laminates

Have you ever wished you had better-looking teeth without all the hassle of braces (orthodontics) or crowns (caps)? This is one way to quickly get that beautiful smile. Veneers and Laminates are a thin shell of porcelain or resin that is bonded to the surface of the teeth. This can change their shape, shade, and position to improve the cosmetics of your teeth and smile. These procedures are one of the most common forms of "cosmetic dentistry". Some examples of their use include:

  • To replace and restore any lost tooth structure where indicated.
  • To smooth over any chipped teeth.
  • Fix unsightly, stained, or washed out fillings.
  • Refresh permanently stained or discolored teeth.
  • Misshapen crooked teeth
  • Filling gaps between teeth.

Veneers can enhance the shape of your teeth, make your teeth as white as you want, and give you the smile you have always desired. Additionally, Veneers are bonded to your tooth structure, which gives them strength, durability, and stain resistance. 

After a thorough discussion with your dentist, we will establish what can or cannot be done to make your smile perfect. That initial appointment usually involves some minor contouring of the front teeth and taking an initial tooth impression. The veneers are tried in, and, if satisfactory, they are bonded in place. A follow up visit is made in a week, to ensure the correct look and feel. It takes approximately 3 appointments until the procedure is complete. After you last appointment, the results are instant and spectacular! 

Many times, we combine whitening with porcelain veneers to make that perfect smile. If some front teeth are already badly broken down, we can place new all porcelain crowns combined with veneering and other cosmetic techniques.

Since they are very thin, Veneers are considered one of the most conservative cosmetic treatments available. Most of the time, very little or no tooth structure is removed before placing veneers. They are also completely tolerated by your gums, so they don’t require any additional care. Nobody will be able to tell that you weren’t borne with amazing teeth. Ask us how veneers can improve your smile.