Our Antelope, California office provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment, so your family can confidently manage all aspects of your dental care from one location. This means you or your family member can get their braces, cleanings, and follow-up treatments from one convenient location, from a team you can trust to be familiar with all aspects of your dental history.

Everyone deserves the benefits of straight teeth and an attractive smile. Braces have quickly become a standard dental treatment for children, adults, and teens in America. Braces can help curb future issues like TMJ disorder and tooth decay, allowing you or your child to enjoy your smiles long-term. Our dentists are qualified to provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment at our Antelope office.

While traditional braces involve wires and brackets attached to the teeth. The wires gradually shift the teeth into their optimal alignment. Today, we have options for clear or tooth-colored brackets, so you or your child can receive a more natural-looking orthodontic treatment.