3d Dental Imaging Is Now Available for Everyone

The CT Carestream 8100 allows us to build a 3d model of your mouth, making for more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. We are proud of be able to offer the latest in x-ray technology to our patients at no additional cost. From now on, when you come in for your x-rays, we'll automatically 

Imagine... A perfect replica of your mouth, in 3d!

3d imaging is setting a new standard for accuracy and care in dentistry. The technology has a way to go before it’s available in the majority of dental offices but as a patient of Sacramento Dental Medicine, you will experience the benefits of this amazing advancement before anybody else.

Useful for everything from implants, to molar removal to pre-surgical planning, our new 3d imaging capabilities promote more accurate diagnosis’ and more complete treatment plans at no additional cost to you!

Patients also appreciate how smooth the whole process is.

“I have a new appreciation for my dentists years of schooling after I saw what my teeth look like in 3d!”
Posted on April 25, 2016 .